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eBuyingGuides Inc. is headquarter in Princeton, New Jersey. Our mission is to provide consumers with simple, honest and helpful advice on how to buy a wide range of products both online and offline.

We provide proprietary buying guides for many consumer and small business products. These guides are written by experts in their fields, specifically chosen to provide unbiased advice. To see a our list of writers, click here. Note: Our writer contribute articles, they do not choose which products will be covered or which sites will be listed.

To ensure the best, unbiased list of manufacturers and how-to guides, eBuyingGuides accepts no payment for listing other websites. Advertising is accepted, but it is restricted to banner ads (at the top and bottom of the pages) and Amazon affilate product links.

At one point, we would make suggestions about where to buy the products we were covering. However, there were a few issues with this approach:

  1. How could we really provide unbiased advice when we were receiving referral fees from some retailers
  2. The best retail source changes frequently, keeping the lists current was an onerous task

In summary, keeping lists of the best retailers was a distraction from providing the best advice (both for us and our readers).

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Thank you for visiting us, and thank you for your support.

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