How to buy a vacuum cleaner.

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Consumer Reports 2016

Consumers are often faced with too many choices when trying to decide on which products to buy.

Here's the ideal resource to help consumers answer questions like: "Is this the right product? Is this product the best option for the money? Which brand will be the best for me?"

Consumer Reports Buying Guide is a one-stop source for making smart, money saving purchases for many of your home buying needs. This book tells you what manufacturers and retailers can't and often won't tell you. This compact reference guide contains over 900 brand-name ratings along with invaluable information on: Home entertainment, Home office equipment, Digital cameras and video recorders, Cell phones, Air conditioners, Tools, Gas grills, Kitchen appliances, Vacuum cleaners, Washing machines and cars.

And so much more! Consumer Reports Buying Guide will make every consumer a more informed shopper.

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